Tuesday, November 10, 2009

something you may not know about me

I am enamored with libraries. Every library trip I've been on, from the time I was too young to remember up until yesterday, thrills me.

And I'm already getting excited about this:

It says all ages are welcome. :) Pulling out my "Books to Read" list! Any suggestions?

Oh, and to go along with my previous children's television theme, you all should listen to this 7 minute story about Sesame Street, in honor of its 40th anniversary. Interesting! Gotta' love old school tv shows.


  1. i love libraries too! at la salle, the third floor of the library has a mezzanine and that is where i always studied and read. it had a ton of natural light (during the day, obviously), and the floor has a "silent" policy, meaning no cell phones or talking. it's fabulous.

  2. Should I post the picture of you sitting in the driveway in your diaper reading a stack of library books? Would that add credibility to the "time I was too young to remember"?

  3. Those are such cool pictures! And so cool you live so close to the historical sights. I love that book picture! And I so share the thrill every time you go in the library! It's like the opportunity to discover something new every time. There is always a story to experience and adventrure to go on! I love it.

  4. If you haven't read it yet, I would suggest Crime and Punishment. It's my all-time favorite (you know, nice light-hearted stuff). ;0) I love old books; my favorite part of the BYU library was always the history section and then I would try to find the oldest book I could. Reading is the best!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Natalie! I love it! I've never read Crime and Punishment, but it sounds like an awesome challenge! :)