Friday, November 6, 2009

friday's fascinations

I couldn't stand being in the house one moment longer. Once my daughter woke up from her nap, we headed out on a walk into the chilly, chilly sunset.

Today I'm fascinated by how fast fall has progressed here! The briskness is an absolute now, every time I step outside. The leaves are almost completely gone from the trees. And the chimney smoke! I smelled some today on our walk, and it thrilled my soul. The only wish I have for our new house is that it had a wood burning stove.

Ah, well. Next time.

I was having sort of a frumpy day up until then. Totally demotivated. (I don't know if that's a word, but it describes how I felt.) I wrote a piece for Embodying Womanhood, this inspiring online journal that's all about the incredible roles and gifts of women. Anyway, I got my piece back with edits, and I just didn't feel up to attacking it today. When something is so personal (as my narrative is), it's really hard to come up with new words to say how you feel, or to cater to someone else's opinion of what you should say. Not that I shouldn't change it--it could use a lot of work--I just didn't have the energy. But, when it gets published online, I'll post it here, so you all can read it too!

One more fascination to end the Friday:

Know what this is? Look a little familiar? A little bit like make-believe? Well, if I could go anywhere on a roadtrip this weekend, I would get in my car and head to Pittsburgh, where "The set is being rebuilt and opened to the public . . . giving generations of Americans who grew up with Fred Rogers and his mother's hand-knit cardigans — as well as their children who watch his reruns — a real-life look at one of TV's most famous neighborhoods." (Associated Press)

Oh me, oh my. How fun would it be to walk around the Neighborhood of Make Believe? I remember a recurring dream I had as a kid when I was in the Neighborhood and could explore it myself, going beyond the normal boundaries and see what lay beyond Lady Elaine's Museum Go-Round and Daniel Tiger's clock. This is the stuff of my childhood here.

To be honest, it's the stuff of my adulthood, too. I still love to explore unseen places in my mind, to muse about places I've never been. Since Pittsburgh is a little too far away, maybe I'll just leave the Neighborhood of Make Believe in my imagination for now. Hey, that's always been enough for me.


  1. Is demotivated a word? Well, spell check isn't catching it and check out

    Demotivators galore.

    If you needed more.

  2. Oh, and totally love P. G. Wodehouse. Ever read Summer Moonshine? Highly recommend it.

  3. Lovin' it! :) I have those totally "demotivated" days too, where all I want to do is sit down and play and be a kid and not be a grown up haha! ;)